So, you have read our other pages and are ready to put Testosterone Enanthate to the test? Great! Here we will help you to find good quality, genuine Testosterone Enanthate from a reputable seller and also help you to avoid purchasing fake products that can be very harmful to your health.

Testosterone Enanthate Price Overview

The cost of Testosterone Enanthate attracts many athletes who are interested in pharma grade products. Compared to other steroids, it’s considered more affordable and the overall quality is high, which reduces the risk of side effects during the cycle.

Testosterone Enanthate is manufactured by several high-quality pharmaceutical companies. Each brand may have a different price, one being slightly higher or lower than the other. This does not mean that one brand is better than the other, usually the thing that differs within pharma grade products regarding the price, is the oil substance that the hormone is suspended in. The money spent on Testosterone Enanthate products is worth every penny, regardless of which manufacturer you buy from (but this only applies to the genuine version).

How much does pharmaceutical grade Testosterone Enanthate cost?

Testosterone Enanthate is sold primarily through the pharmaceutical company chains. The drugs sold have all the necessary certificates, laboratory tests and expert opinions. Pharmaceutical Testosterone Enanthate is sold in sealed packages. Ampules of 1 ml are reliably soldered and have characteristic inscriptions on each ampule. The cost of the pharmaceutical grade product is about $6.50 per injection.

Drugs purchased via online stores come from various different manufacturers. To purchase online and receive a good quality pharma grade product, you need to spend anywhere from $4.50 to $7.50 per injection. The cost often depends on the supplier. Domestic airs are much cheaper and more accessible for many professional athletes who require to purchase these products in large quantities.

What influences the price of the drug?

In addition to the supplier, the cost of the injection is affected by the presence of additional impurities in the liquid solution, this is usually found when purchasing substances that are not pharma grade. With pharmaceutical grade products, the prices depend on the quality of the oil that the active substance is suspended in. Often, in the domestic market there are injections for $4.50 per vial with significantly thick oil, which is problematic to inject intramuscularly without first heating it up. It is important to carefully select a supplier so that there are no problems when using these steroids in a cycle.

Also, the cost depends on the place of purchase. As a rule, online stores are always cheaper than pharmacies. However, when buying online it is important to monitor the quality of manufacture and the origin of the drug to make sure you are purchasing legit substances.

Testosterone Enanthate Manufacturers

Domestic Underground Labs

This is usually former or current professional bodybuilders, fitness trainers or just any steroid forum visitor, deciding to start their own steroid brand. They will buy raw material from abroad and import it in a form of powder or mixed with oil by regular post (usually from China).

They simply fill what they think is liquid Test E into vials, print stamps on them and ship them straight to their customers. As you can see there are some risks to your health from choosing such suppliers, because there has been no validation that they have kept liquids sterile or stored them correctly. Although this is a major health risk and a scam, if you end up with one of these cheaply made, unsafe or under-dosed products, you may be slightly lucky compared to the other types of underground lab sellers.

The other upcoming products that we are now seeing all over the market are steroids from people who want to make a quick buck, so they take it on themselves thinking there are scientists and create their own mixed substances without a clue what they are doing and without any of the necessary equipment needed. This is usually stemmed from these sellers watching a dodgy online tutorial on how to mix and create steroids. These people mix raw untested powders and liquids, slap a sticker on (which is usually a cloned version of a pharma brand) and ship them out to you within a day or two and at two thirds of the price!

Everyone within the fitness and bodybuilding industry knows how expensive it is for food, steroids, supplements, gym memberships and so on. So these fitness personnel become vulnerable to these back street dealers by thinking they can save a few dollars. When in reality, they are paying slightly cheaper prices for something that will not help them achieve their goals and in some cases paying for a substance that will put them in hospital due to dangerous substances being used within these fake products.

If you really care about your health and fitness goals, then we do not advise using cloned steroids made by these underground labs. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it is over a few dollars!

Official Pharmaceutical Brands

These are licensed companies that produce a variety of different drugs. Some of them specialize specifically in Anabolic Steroids, while some others produce drugs for use within medical industries. These includes companies such as Alpha Pharma and BM Pharmaceuticals, who provide medical professionals with other medicines for everything from Neurology to Oncology treatments.

The governmental control of these company’s activities is a big advantage for the safety of their customers. This is because their strict quality requirements do not allow expired raw materials to be used and do not allow the sale of products that are untested or in unsealed packages.

Some brands have become so popular among bodybuilders all over the world, that they started to suffer loss due to the fact that underground labs copy their original packages and sell low quality replacements pretending that they are authentic products. The result of this is that the original factories have had to start utilizing security codes on packages that allow customers to check if the product is genuine on their manufacturers’ websites.

These licenced pharmaceutical companies use proper sterile laboratories along with advanced testing to ensure that each substance that is placed within an ampule or vial is safe for administration and also that there are no impurities within the substance. Each compound that is made is checked to insure the full validity of the active substance along with the oil based substance that it is suspended in. Creating these accurately dosed, clean medical products requires time, testing and of course money. This is why the pharmaceutical grade products stay similar in price, as they have little margin for profit.

Popular Testosterone Enanthate Brands

The most commonly used and well-known pharmaceutical brands of Testosterone Enanthate are Alpha Pharma, Dragon Pharma, Magnum Pharmaceuticals, BM Pharmaceuticals and Maxtreme. Never heard of them? Here’s a little glimpse at each of these brands and our experience with their products:

Alpha Pharma: Alpha Pharma is one of the well-known pharmaceutical companies that produce medicines for various different health conditions. One of which being the Hormone Replacement Therapy products. Due to this company being one of the leading manufactures for these medical products, the quality is endured to be at the highest standard. These companies have to keep up with the safety standards and have regular checks which ensure their validity and also safety for the patient. Although Alpha Pharma offer this product in either amps or vials. We purchased some “Testobolin” in a 10ml vial at 250mg per 1ml in concentration. After testing this product, the outstanding results came back point for point. Being such good quality and hitting 250mg of active substance per 1ml, with no impurities at all, makes Alpha Pharma Test Enanthate certainly one to go for. Although its price can be slightly higher than that of other brands. You will not regret purchasing Alpha Pharma’s high quality Testosterone Enanthate.

Dragon Pharma: Dragon Pharma, although this company is not in the leading top when it comes to medications for various different conditions, this company mainly focuses on pharmaceutical products for the fitness and bodybuilding industry. We purchased Enanthat 250, which is Testosterone at 250mg per 1ml. This arrived in a 10m vial. Although many people favor the 1ml ampules due to these being used within hospitals and other medical industries. After testing this substance, we confirmed that this product has been correctly dosed and did not contain any other foreign substances. Although this product only comes in 10ml vials and is still considered to be on the medium to high side when it comes to the price. Dragon Pharma certainly did not disappoint. Also they offer a 400mg per ml version which will certainly appeal to those who are looking to pack a punch within their cycle!

Maxtreme: Maxtreme Pharma was first established in 2011 as a highly sought after pharmaceutical company offering high-quality, medical-grade products. Being new to the market and an upcoming runner against the big names within the pharmaceutical industry. Maxtreme’s prices are more than reasonable. They offer most of their products in either amps or vials. We purchased a 10ml vial and a box of 10 ampules. Both versions contained 250mg per 1ml and after testing, the results were outstanding for the price. The active substance was perfectly dosed and there were no signs of any foreign material within both the amps and vial. The only difference between these and the more expensive versions is the oil base that the active substance is suspended in, which in this case was really good quality. For the price, choice of ampules or vial and the quality of the substance, Maxtreme is definitely along with the front runners when it comes to genuine Test Enanthate at affordable prices!

BM Pharmaceuticals: BM Pharmaceuticals is an upcoming pharmaceutical company based in India. Having been around for a few years and gaining a good name within the health industry for its distribution of various different types of medications. It has become known that one of their main medication treatments is for Hormone Replacement Therapy. Due to this they offer a few different types of Testosterone products along with Primobolan which is also used within the medical field. They do not produce cosmetic steroids such as Winstrol or Trenbolone, as they are purely out to help the medical industry. This instantly makes them a top runner, being that they mainly supply medical industries, means that their products are genuine medical quality. We gave them a try and purchased some Testoviron-250. This product was cheaper than many other brands and the results were incredible. Coming back with test results that ticked every box, being perfectly dosed, no impurities and suspended in a good oil based substance. This pharmaceutical company’s products are definitely recommended if you are looking for Testosterone Enanthate.

Magnum Pharmaceuticals: Magnum Pharmaceuticals is a bio-tech company that is based in Asia. Being new to the field of pharmaceutical grade product sales. This company has been started to help increase athlete’s performances by specifying in selling performance enhancing drugs. They sell various products from injectable and oral steroids to peptides and GH. Although hesitant to trial this product, we continued to purchase some of their Test E-300. After it quickly arrived, while in a good and well produced sealed package, we began to look for impurities within the solution. After receiving the lab tests back, we were amazed with the quality of this product. Having exactly 300mg per 1ml of active substance, along with no impurities and suspended in good quality oil. We will certainly recommend this company and have even ordered some of their mixed estered products to test. If you purchase a Magnum Test Enanthate product, you will not be disappointed, certainly with the 300mg per ml dosage!

How Online Sellers Of Testosterone Enanthate In The USA Operate

As mentioned above, there are two main types of Testosterone Enanthate sellers in the USA. The first are the companies that sell either the brands that they have created or copies of the pharmaceutical brands (underground labs). The second type is the resellers or drop-ship sellers of the official pharmaceutical branded products.

The underground lab products will usually look the most appealing to anyone searching for steroids online, as they are likely to be able to offer fast delivery and cheap products. However, these luxuries can come at a cost. Super-fast delivery can mean that the lab in which these steroids are produced is within the USA, but this could also mean that it is hidden away somewhere in an unsupervised environment, without any proper monitoring of health and safety. Also, if the products are extremely cheap, then they are likely to be made from extremely cheap ingredients. Even if the steroid substance itself is good quality, the oil that it is injected into could be of poor quality. Underground labs can afford to sell their products at a very low price if they do not have to spend extra money on licenses and sanitization equipment to ensure the safety of the product.

Resellers and drop-shippers of official pharmaceutical brands may have longer delivery times and higher prices. The longer delivery times are due to the fact that these sellers will have warehouses outside of the USA, where they are able to store their products safely, ready to be distributed. These companies’ stock will be bought in bulk, sometimes at a discounted price, from pharmaceutical factories. Therefore, their products are more reliable in terms of quality than other sellers, due to the health and safety regulations that these factories have to abide by.

When choosing to purchase steroids, it is easy to take the cheaper or quicker option. If pharmaceutical companies could sell their products at a fraction of their price or deliver it to you within one to two working days, this would be a god send for people who are looking to purchase steroids. The sad reality that we have explained is, due to the fact that most legit companies are overseas and also having to spend good money in making these genuine pharma grade steroids, this is not possible. This is where many vulnerable people fall victim to these underground lab sellers. Being offered what they think is a genuine product with quick delivery and lower prices, many users cannot resist. Unfortunately, as the saying goes; if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is! But many new comers or uneducated people who do not know about the manufacturing process regularly get fooled by this.

There have been many users of counterfeit products that have suffered illnesses, and in some severe cases even death, due to injecting what they think is a genuine product. After they damage their health, they find out that what they have injected was mixed with many harmful substances, some including rat poison and methane! This is why we have done our research to help support our fellow fitness personnel in avoiding these harmful copies that are being sold in gyms, on the streets and even online. 

3 Ways To Spot A Reliable Steroid Seller

When looking for a reliable Testosterone Enanthate seller online, other than the pictures and descriptions of their products, there are a few more things you should look into before rushing into a purchase:

Payment Methods

There are many different forms of payment that online steroid sellers accept. Some of these sellers may lead you towards non-traceable forms of payment, such as Bitcoin or Western Union and tell you that this is for the protection of the customer, when really it is only for the protection of the seller. It protects them from having any proof of transactions from the sale of steroids through their company and also protects them from having to provide refunds to their customers for products that do not arrive or are faulty. A seller that can offer credit card payments is usually the safest one to choose because at least you will be able to claim your money back if any issues do occur with receiving what you have ordered.


A good, responsive customer support is always a good sign for any company. It shows a willingness to resolve any problems that a customer may have when purchasing from them. A business that is serious about taking care of their customers should reply to messages within 24 hours on a working day. If you want to check the responsiveness of a company before purchasing from them, just send any pre-sale questions to them and see how quickly and efficiently they respond.


Some companies will not take responsibility if products are lost in the post or confiscated at customs but there are companies online that will provide their customers with warranty in case this does happen. Therefore, if you want peace of mind that all won’t be lost if an order doesn’t arrive, then look out for a company that offers this.

Our Recommendation of a Reputable Seller Online in the USA

One site that we have found, which ticks pretty much every box with regards to a reputable Testosterone Enanthate seller, is

The brands they offer are all well-known pharmaceutical-grade products and the authenticity of any product can be checked on the manufacturers website.

This company is a drop-shipper of official branded products, so they have warehouses outside the US where they are able to stock multiple products and get them delivered into the country and right to your door within reasonable delivery times. If there is any kind of problem with these steroids arriving at your door, don’t worry, they have warranty that offers free-shipping in case the item is lost or a 50% refund in case it is confiscated at customs. In addition to this they offer secure credit card payments which is very rare. also has a great review rating on the review site, Trustpilot. Reading reviews online from customers who have previously bought Testosterone Enanthate from certain websites is another good way to assess whether it is worth buying from the same site.

Along with good reviews on trusted websites and ticking all the boxed for a reputable seller, we decided to purchase some products from this website, as they offer all of the popular pharmaceutical brands that we had previously tested. After ordering the same products via AmericaRoids and running them through our lab tests, the results came out exactly the same as when purchased from the manufacturer directly. This guarantees us that this company is a drop-ship seller and sells products that are directly from the pharmaceutical manufacturer!

They also give out some nice bonuses with every order and offer discount codes to returning customers. When we previously purchased from this company, they were also offering special deals within the Covid pandemic. This is a great sign that this company is trying to help their customers within these hard times. Our experience with them was great and the customer service was impeccable.

 Reviews from various online forums regarding people’s experiences with their products

“I have been using Test E for 15 years, in my time there had been no problem with getting good products. Recently I have purchased a few different brands which I usually love such as alpha pharma and dragon pharma. These have been from a local source and I must say I feel like shit, is the gear getting weaker from these companies or are people selling fakes? I’m struggling to find a good source for good roids anywhere these days”

“Been after some Testosterone Enanthate for a while now, as all that is round my area in the USA is watery crap sold in vials! After my friend told me about an online company called americaroids I decided to give it a go. The service was good but I thought that I had been robbed as it took weeks to turn up. When it finally arrived, I had my first jab and within the first week I could already tell it was amazing stuff! I felt good again, strong, horny and full of energy! For anyone who has the same problem finding genuine stuff go to these guys. I’ve already ordered more, I’m so happy I’ve found a good source!!!”

“few years ago I was using Maxtreme test enan which I ordered online and it was banging stuff, recently my pal got hold of some, so I took 3 boxes as it was only 20 dollars a box. I was so excited to get back on cycle. The box looked a little faded but looks similar to what I used to get. My first injection was so painful, I do not remember it being like that before, but I continued and put up with the pain. Have been taking it for 3 weeks now and feel so crap, im getting headaches, no gains and don’t even feel horny. This is defiantly not the same stuff that I used to take!”

“NEED HELP… I usually order my alpha pharma test e off of the net and its usually banging stuff. My friend said his gym guy got some in bulk so he gave it to me for $25 a box. I was buzzing, I injected two days ago and it was so painful, it doesn’t usually feel like this with alpha, but now my glute is like a football and I cannot even walk. My nurse friend said it defiantly looks infected and I need to visit the hospital urgently as she has seen this before from steroids users who have bought dodgy gear. She says I will need surgery on my glute t remove the infected tissue, can anyone give any advice is there is another way for it to go down?”

“Gear is hard to come by these days, im a regular user and it’s been getting worse over the years trying to find genuine stuff, my friend just told me about an American site called americanroids or something similar, he gave me a vial of dragon pharma Test e 250 and it’s the best stuff I have had around here for years! He says it took over a few weeks to come due to the pandemic, but the service is great there reliable and they have GENUINE GEAR!! I have asked him to order me some, I will find out the site and post it up so others can get hold of this good gear, no more local water dealers for me!”

As you can see, there are so many controversial and mixed reviews regarding the same brands, this is due to all of these copied products flooding the markets and having such a negative impact on people’s health and motivation. This is why we have done our research to inform people of this and keep these harmful products from reaching peoples blood streams!

 We hope this has been helpful, so that now you can go and purchase some genuine products and let the real gains begin!!

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